I have registered a domain and have decided to host the site privately.  The free version of WordPress is great, but they do restrict what plugins you can install, and I want the freedom to be able to do whatever tweaks that I want.

It’s been over a year since returning from the PCT, and I also think it’s about time to look through my blog and clean up the posting mistakes that were made from the trail.  I was using the WordPress publishing app on my phone, and an update a few weeks into the trip introduced a bug that made it impossible to edit posts that contained pictures without destroying them.  After a few posts were mangled and I was unable to edit them from the phone, I began posting only one picture, and I now have the opportunity to remedy that problem.

I took over 2000 photos on that trip, and I don’t intend to post all of them (but have them on a Google Album for those inclined to pain) but most days had more than one interesting thing happen.  Being able to go through the daily photos again and post additional relevant photos is a great way to stroll down memory lane.  It also gives me the chance to add an after-the-fact perspective on some things that happened, but might have ended up being quite different in the long run.

The original site was created all as posts (blog), but I am adding a lot of organization with pages to give it a logical structure.  The three main groups of pages are moving info to a FAQ section, and creating AT and PCT page groups.  They are organized from the menu on the left and also have links within the pages.

It takes me at least an hour per daily page, so this has been slow going.  As I finish updating a blog entry, I am adding the text “Blog:” in front of the links to identify which ones have been polished.  If you are following this in the fall of 2017, you are welcome to read anything that is not polished yet, but the polished versions are greatly expanded, so you might do to wait a bit to let me get ahead.  You can subscribe to updates or the RSS feed to be notified when changes are ready.  I will probably also post a blog page when a new major section is complete.

I wanted to thank all the friends and family who followed along, both on the AT and PCT hikes and posted comments.  I did not respond to all of them, but I did indeed read all of them.  All of the comments were moved over from the original site so they are still preserved here.

Enjoy the blog (again).