Karen and I took the plunge in April of 2016 to hike the Appalachian Trail (AT).  We both quit our jobs and set out on April 29th for Harper’s Ferry, WV to hike northward to Mount Katahdin, Maine.  Then we were to jump back to Harper’s Ferry again and hike southward to Springer Mountain, Georgia.

We expected to hit Springer Mountain in late October.  But after 16 days and 195 miles, we discovered that what we thought were blisters on Karen’s left heel was actually Achilles tendonitis and was not going to be a quick recovery that we could take a few days off and then resume the hike.  That kind of injury takes months to heal, so our hike was over rather quickly.

We did enjoy what time we had on trail, despite some nasty rain and hail and near freezing temperatures.  It takes about two weeks to get your trail legs and acclimate to the physical part of the hike.  The last two days, Karen had finally gotten to that stage and was charging up the mountains faster than I was.  This was her longest single hike to date, and was long enough to give her that taste of trail blood.  We will finish what we started some day, but probably in sections instead of as a one-shot thru-hike.

To get an overview, read How long is the Appalachian Trail and where does it go?

This was the Original Schedule for AT 2016


Here is the archive of our trip in April and May of 2016.

Genesis – what are we doing!

T-minus 7 days and counting

T-minus 2 days – Initiate Launch Sequence

Up up and away

Day 1 – Starting at the ATC

Day 2 – The Maryland mountains

Day 3 – Hanging out

Day 4 – Clouds and meadows

Day 5 – Maryland is finished

Day 6 – The day of rain

Day 7 – Sun at last!

Day 8 – The big grind

Day 9 – Cumberland valley

Day 10 – Duncannon

Day 11 – Nice hiking weather today

Day 12 – A day alone

Day 13 – Will the real Pennsylvania please stand up

Day 14 – Time for a rest

Day 15 – Aaaaw hail yeah!

Day 16 – End of the road

One week later