Hiking the AT across Massachusetts in 2012

We are your typical middle-class couple just looking to see the world while we are still young enough to do so comfortably and safely.

Hello, I am Jim.  I attempted a northbound thru hike in 1989 the day after graduating college, but left the trail in early July.  The one major regret in quitting the trail then was not seeing Maine, so I hiked the state of Maine in 1990 while in-between jobs.  That seemed to satisfy the hiking hunger until 2010 when I decided to start section hiking the trail to finish it.  I did finally complete the trail in 2013.  I discovered that I actually enjoyed hiking as an older adult even better than I enjoyed hiking it as a scout or young adult.

Finishing the AT section hike in 2013

I like the physical and social aspects of hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  I have hiked sections of the Florida trail since it is close to home, but it just does not hold the same charm.  While the Pacific Crest Trail and Continental Divide trail are still on the bucket list, the Appalachian Trail seems like the right choice right now, as I think it will be emotionally easier on Karen as a first “big hike.”  There is no denying that the AT is emotionally easier than the PCT even if it is arguably physically more demanding and visually less rewarding.  Perhaps if Karen enjoys the AT, we can do the PCT together some day.

Hello, I am Karen.  I love hiking, and I love nature, but I also love showers and clean clothes.  I have hiked about 200 400 miles of the AT with Jim already (including Mt Katahdin) but the longest trip so far is two weeks.  Six months will be a new experience for me.