Today is a day of chores and relaxing. I have a few blog posts to write, I have laundry to do, I have a supply box to mail out, and we have to eat lunch in Cocoa Beach.

We didn’t get to leave the Orlando area until nearly 12:00. The drive over to Cocoa Beach from this part of Orlando is nearly an hour and a half.

We didn’t get to Taco City until 1:00. And the tacos aren’t quite as good as they used to be but still delicious.

The rest of the day was spent driving around our old stomping grounds. We went shopping at Ron Jon’s and the Cocoa Beach Surf Club. Then we went to a new jazz club and kava bar to get some coffee. The coffee was amazing.

On the way back to Orlando we purposely took State Road 520 so we could pass by fruit stand man. He was still there when we got there so we stopped, said hello, and bought a bunch of things from him.

Dinner was at a seafood restaurant back in the Orlando area that was less than stellar. I wish we had spent more time in Cocoa Beach and could have eaten there instead. But it was a long enough day as it was without having to drive back to Orlando at night.

Back to the grind bright and early tomorrow.