The terrain was easy today and it was much hotter than yesterday, but still not a bad day for hiking.  My feet are sore and tired today, but I’m with 20 miles of Dunsmuir now, so all is good.  The picture is of Mt Shasta, which I took yesterday, not today.  We had great views of it all day yesterday and I was expecting even better views, but I didn’t see it once today, so I thought I better post this one now, because I may not see it again.

I got up early, listened to some tunes, and got on the trail right at 6 am.  I was expecting my campsite to be cold, but it was rather warm all night.  Tonight looks to end up being the same.

It was a rather uneventful day of hiking.  The trail hugged the terrain and any descents or climbs were pretty moderate.  The trail was well shaded most of the time and any exposed areas were rarely more than 100 yds long except for one quarter mile section in the morning.  There were some sections with water every mile and others ten miles without water.  You really have to pay attention to how much water you have and how far to the next water.  I crossed the large McCloud river about 3 or 4 PM and thought long and hard about going swimming.  I had switched from long pants to shorts at lunch one so I was not hot, but it’s hard to pass up a good swim.

I saw two of the same hikers as yesterday.  The one I have seen for several days now is First Light because he usually gets up at first light.  He sounds like me.  The other one I saw only once and did not meet.  Two new hikers showed up just before getting to camp, so I did not meet them yet, either.  After making it to camp, i thought i saw two more hikers show up.  It looks like alot of people are stacking up within striking distance of town for tomorrow.  We are just under 20 miles away.

I am planning on getting up early and trying to get to Dunsmuir by 3 PM.  I don’t think there is a hostel in town, so it looks like I might be hotel bound tomorrow.  If they have laundry, I won’t complain.  I have been dreaming of pizza, too.