Today was a huge milestone in the trip, California is complete, and Oregon is underway.  The terrain today actually looked different than usual within ten miles of the border.  But for now, Oregon seems pretty much like northern California as you would expect.  I hope it starts transforming more and more as the days go on.

I got up fairly early, listened to music, ate my apple pie in bed, and hit the trail at 6:10.  The couple from spaghetti dinner night headed out just minutes before I did.  I never saw them again all day until about two miles before where I intended to camp, they were camped by a spring.  We chatted briefly before I moved on.

The day was a mix of ups and downs and level ridge line hiking.  The terrain was mostly open desert plants with clusters of pines here and there.  But here, the desert plants started to change from sage brush looking plants to tiny grasses like tundra.  From a distance it looked like lush grass.  But up close it was stubby green plants and rocks.

There were cows in most areas.  You could hear their bells in the distance.  But at one section they were up close and personal.  I got some good video that I will try to post later. 

Everyone I met today talked about the border.  It’s on everyone’s minds and a definite goal for the day.  I was hoping to hit it about three, but it ended up being more like five.  I also expected more of a display than was there.  The two states on the sign on the tree that you see in the picture was marking the actual border.  There was a trail register and other signs saying how far to Washington, Canada, and Mexico.  I spent at least twenty minutes reading the register.  There were already about twenty people signing in for today.

I’m seeing more and more southbounders as the days go on, so I think I must be approaching their bubble.  I think I passed four or five today.  In the weeks past, it would be no more than one or two a day and some days with zero.  I don’t expect their bubble to even get past ten a day.  Ten times as many people go northbound rather than southbound.

I intended to go to a road crossing where I suspected there would be tentsites, but about a mile from it, I found some level pads among pine trees.  It was right at 8 PM, so it seemed like a perfect place to stop.  I am right by a spring, so I can get water in the morning.  There were just a few mosquitoes, but nothing bothersome.  I expect them to get worse as I head north.  Regardless, it feels good to be out of California finally.