I actually overslept this morning, but got out by 6:45 and hiked right up until il 7 PM.  There was alot of climbing, but it was not so steep as to bother my heel.  And even though the morning started out chilly, I swear the temperature never changed all day long.

The ridge above the river where I camped turned out to be a nice camping spot.  There was no wind, no dew, and the temperatures were not too cold.  I slept quite well and didn’t wake up until just after 6 am so I had to skip the morning music and get right to work.

After getting down off the ridge where I was camped, the trail was level for a few miles as it crossed two different rivers in a valley.  I stopped at the second one to fill up on water.  There was dew on the grass and it got my legs wet as I walked through it.  This is probably the first time.on this trip so far I have gotten wet from dew on plants along the trail.  I understand this is common in Washington.  It reminded me of hiking on the AT with the meadow, the climbs, the grasses, and the streams.  So far I really dig Washington.

At the top of the climbs, there were good views of whatever volcano I was facing, either Hood or Adams.  I did not see Ranier or St Helens today.  Perhaps tomorrow.  I was surprised how far I was able to go today.  I forgot I had honey with me, so I added honey to my cold coffee and I ate well today.  I guess if you stoke the engine properly you can motor on quickly.  My feet are pretty sore after a long day, though.  I hope I am not too sore tomorrow since today was such a big jump in mileage.  I had no idea I had gone that far until after I stopped to camp.

Yesterday I saw no northbounders and four southbounders.  Today I saw no southbounders and five northbounders.  I may not be out of a bubble after all.  

I have 23.6 miles to the forest service road that leads to Trout Lake, where my next resupply is.  It’s an 11 mile hitch so if I get there late in the day it might be a difficult hitch into town and might be an even tougher hitch back out.  I may have to make tomorrow a short day just to deal with the logistics of getting into and out of town.