I was expecting it to rain today, but I would hoping it would break in the afternoon.  No such luck.  It has rained all day long, even while cooking dinner.  But I did get to see a small.blue patch about 5 PM while I was getting rained on while filtering water.
I got up just after 5:30 and listened to music for a while before stirring and getting ready.  I was on the trail at 7 am and none of the other hikers had even stirred yet.  I never saw them all day.  When I set off, it was not yet raining, but it was foggy and dewey.  I had my rain jacket on, but not rain pants.  There was plenty of moisture on the plants, so my pants and shoes got wet pretty quick.

Within an hour, it started to actually rain.  I found a thick pine tree that was dry underneath and out my rain pants on.  I made sure my phone was secure and dry and kept on going.  Every time I thought the rain was letting up and I could out my umbrella away, it would start raining again.

There was a.big climb up to a pass before lake Ivanhoe then a steep descent to reconnect with the PCT.  I always feel more comfortable when I’m back on the official trail.  It feels like home.

The rest of the trail in the morning and afternoon were more climbs up to high ridges, then descending to the next valley.  It feels.a little like the Sierra but the grades are much better and there are no giant steps to navigate.  There were quite a few stream crossings, too.  All of them could be traversed on either rocks or logs.

I wanted to get as far as I could today without going past dark.  I want tomorrow to be an easy day into town.  I also wanted to have enough daylight to set up and cook since I was soaked.  I found a campsite that looked like I could get there right at 7 PM, so that would have to do.  I ended up getting there right at 7:05.

When I got there, three other tents were already set up.  I found a suitable hammock site just outside the campsite and immediately went to setting up camp.  Instead of getting the hammock completely ready before cooking dinner, I got only the pad set up, then changed my shirt and got into the down jacket.  I took my shoes off, but left my pants and socks on.  

I sat in the hammock and cooked while sitting comfortably.  I liked this arrangement instead of going to find a log to sit on or sitting on the ground under the hammock.  And it was a good day for testing this out, because the rain came again while I was cooking.  I think I’ll cook this way from now on.

When I finally.got my.socks off, I discovered that both blister bandages had come completely off in the wetness.  No wonder my right foot was giving me so much pain.  I think I’ll.do just bandaids tomorrow because I am running low on blister bandages.  I’ll put those on once I can have a dry day and dry feet so they will have time to adhere to my feet well before the next rain soaks them again.  We’re supposed to have a few warm and dry days, but I’m not holding my breath.