With only 10 easy miles into Damascus, I was able to arrive in town by 11:00 and hit the post office only to discover that my resupply box had not arrived yet.  Also, many of the shops in town are vacant.  Damascus is not the booming town it once was.

I slept mouse free in the shelter pretty well until about 5am when something was scurrying about.  I never did figure out what or where it was, but sleeping was over.  I got up at 6:30 and was on trail by 7:00 and needed the headlamp for 20 minutes.

The terrain was easy and the hiking went quickly and was mostly downhill.  I passed five or six southbounders coming from town but only stopped to talk to one of them for a few minutes.

I strolled into town and went straight to the post office.  My heart sank when I found out my resupply box had not arrived. Oh well, so let’s eat.  I stopped by the diner and had a taco salad.

I went to the hostel and checked in, then grabbed a loaner daypack and headed to the bike rental to go ride the Virginia Creeper Trail.  I got on the 1pm bus for the long ride up to Whitetop Station.

The ride down was fun but very cold.  Even after putting on my jacket I was still freezing cold.  There were plenty of people on the trail but not like a weekend.  

Before turning the bike in, I ran by the post office again and it was still not there.  Karen had sent me the tracking number and they looked it up and it was still in Johnson City.  The postmaster said the truck should arrive by 7:30 and I could knock on the door to get it.  I guess that’s the plan then.

After showering and laundry it was time for dinner so I walked down to the grill and had a burger. Back at the hostel it was a little chit chat then off to bed.  I want to be ready to get out of town as soon as I can.