We are back in Florida and Karen has already gone back to work.  This picture is from the day we got back, but you can clearly see her left Achilles is about twice the size of the right one.  I’m amazed that she was able to make it as far as she did with this level of inflammation.

Karen is not soured on hiking.  She really did enjoy the stretch we were able to hike, even with the less than ideal conditions weather wise and the physical pain.  Some pain is a part of hiking, but not that much pain.  I think we have a handle on the shoulder problems, and will work harder at pre-hike training for the next one.  And yes, we are talking about hiking again, but probably not as a six month trip.  One or two is possible, maybe I can talk her into three ;).

And speaking of hiking, I am not quite ready to go back into the rat race, so I am planning on hiking further this summer before I let the man shackle me to the desk again.  It took so long to break free, that I don’t want to let walking away from a 21 year career go to waste.  More on that soon….