The town center was having a Jazz festival and wine walk today.

I did end up taking a zero day today.  I did not sleep that well last night and don’t feel great and still have a bunch of errands to run today, so instead of rushing to get them done and get out of town, I’ll just stay here again tonight since this is a pretty good hostel.

I got my gear related chores done before lunch.  One of those was fixing my regular prescription glasses.  I brought my old pair that were pretty worn out because I thought they might get scratched up and it turns out that sometime in the last 300 miles they broke in half right across the bridge.  Another hiker had some super glue so I glued them with that and then reinforced the joint with a section from a plastic spoon.  This would be the second repair with a black plastic spoon for these glasses.  They are holding so far, but I expect they will get broken again before too long.

I ran into the village for lunch because I was craving a salad.  I had a mixed green salad with salmon on it and it was great.  I spent the rest of the afternoon running the full bus route to see the other side of town and going back to the grocery to get breakfast.  I have a bagel, orange, banana, and cinnamon roll for breakfast and a kale and chicken salad for lunch.  The shuttle from town to the adventure center does not leave until 9:00 so I don’t expect to get to Reds Meadow until at least 10:30, so I might as well have an early lunch there before I head out.

I grabbed dinner on the way back into town and then headed to the jazz festival before coming back to the hostel.  They were also having a wine walk with about a dozen wineries.  I didn’t stay long at the jazz festival because the sun had gone down and it got downright chilly there and I did not had a jacket.

The band playing at the Jazz Festival in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Nearly everything is packed and ready to go.  I want to catch that first bus to the adventure center so I’ll head out from the hostel about 8:30 and walk to the village.  It’s less tan a mile and all downhill.  I want to be able to make as many miles from Reds as possible so I can get to Tuolumne Meadows quickly.