PCT mm 906.6 – In civilization again

I don’t think the trees like growing on mountains this steep.

Where I camped last night was pretty high and right near a snow bank.  As I was cooking dinner and going to bed, it was quite cold.  I was afraid I was going to have a very cold night but I think that it was just that at that time of day the wind was blowing towards me from the snow, and then several hours after sundown it warmed up quite a bit.  Around midnight or so it was quite comfy.

I set out at 6 am and I was in good spirits.  I had just vapors of food and carried no water for the first five miles.  My pack was light as a feather and it was a nice morning and mostly downhill.  I crossed paths with many hikers coming uphill who were not in such great spirits.  Their loss.

I passed the 900 mile point today.

The forest leading into Red’s Meadow burned several years ago and is a mere shadow of it’s former glory.

I reached Reds Meadow about 11:30 and immediately headed for the store for a plum and an orange soda. I rested a bit then got on the next bus heading into town.  The roads in Inyo National Park are so small and narrow they encourage everyone to ride the bus in the park.  It works for me.  Once at the main ski lodge, you have to take a different bus to the main hub in town.  Then you can get on a third bus to get all around town for free.  Works well for hikers.  I headed straight for the hostel to shower and get all my clothes ready for the laundromat.  It took me a while to get the hang of the buses, but I eventually got there and did food shopping at the grocery while waiting on the laundry.  Hop on another bus and I’m back at the hostel.

No shortage of directions at Red’s Meadow.

The hostel setup is nice.  They have fixings to make your own pizzas and watch movies all night.  It was nice and relaxing for a change.  I still have not decided if I am leaving tomorrow or if I will stay here for a zero tomorrow.

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  1. Harriett Dame

    July 9, 2016 at 4:41 am

    That mountainside really looks steep! Hope you take a day off and relax and enjoy yourself a bit. You’ve had a grueling time the last couple of weeks.

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