The first day is never the first day. The first day is normally the day before. So today is finishing up work, finishing up packing, and driving to Atlanta.

The morning started with trying to get the WordPress app hooked up to the site. I have been fighting with that for two years now. Instead of fighting it any more, I’ll just have to start posting online. I will probably do the content creation in gmail, then transfer when I have signal. We will see how much of a pain that becomes. I wish I had someone I could assign admin rites to back home who has a full computer for editing and fixing things. Any takers?

I am only sending three boxes, so packing up boxes did not take too long. We packaged the various dried goods into individual ziplocks and filled the boxes. The one to Fontana is stuffed to the gills. The others less so. I am probably packing too much into each box, but then that is usually my classic mistake on each hike.

I had a few more things to take care of around the house so we got a late start, but traffic was not bad and we got to the hotel exactly when we had planned to arrive. A quick stop at the local brewery to pick up some beer, then the pizza parlor for a pie and it’s time to hold up in the hotel.

Now the long wait for morning to arrive….