Rain was forecast for the entire day but it was not only the morning that was dreary.  We hiked across a few fields in light mist but by the time we got towards our lunch spot it was overcast but dry and very cool.

There were several road crossings and several stream crossings and one stream was flowing so quickly we had to take our shoes off and don our crocs and ford across.  Talk about cold.  The water was so cold, the pain on the feet was intense.  It felt like they were being crushed in a vice.  It took about a minute to cross and we were glad to get our shoes and socks back on.  Afterwards we felt refreshed.

The climb up from there to our lunch spot was quite steep and at the brand new shelter we stopped at for lunch there as a crew of about a dozen hikers from a local club up there for their weekly hike.  We talked a bit before they left then we ate and left ourselves.  As we were leaving we met a young German girl and offered her an extra liter of water we had. The water source there was a very long climb half way down the ridge.

We made good time the rest of the day and are now at a boarding house so that we could resupply.  It was a nice little market and we now have apple pies and leftover pizza for lunch and dinner the next day.

We are only half a mile from the Mason Dixon line and will enter Pennsylvania in the morning.  Boogie hoo, Maryland is in the books.