Most people think a zero-day means taking a day off and watching TV. And sometimes it can mean that. But in my case, it means catching up on five blog posts, washing and drying all my gear, planning the upcoming road walk, and getting permits submitted for the St Marks National Wildlife refuge (now that I know the dates).

There is also a box to pack for St Marks and mail today so that it arrives there before I do, going to REI to get some more free dried dinners and check out the shoe selection (very dangerous). I also have to pack my food bag to walk out with tomorrow. So a stop at Walgreens and Trader Joe’s is required, too.

There are people to visit while I am here, a quick work meeting to attend, and some maintenance around the house. I need to do a quick repair on my shoes, too. With only 300 miles on these shoes and 400 to go, it seems a waste to try to replace them now, but they do need a little shoe goo love in a few places.

With it raining here, too, I can’t clean my pack or tent, because they would not have time to dry.

It is far from a day of relaxing around the house.

I won’t pick an emotion today, but I definitely felt rushed all day long.